About ParadoxEdge

About Us

ParadoxEdge is a consultancy and executive coaching firm that specializes in guiding leaders and teams to expand perspectives and increase competencies allowing them to become and achieve what previously seemed impossible.

We don’t see our clients as problems that need to be fixed, rather, we believe the stuckness we experience in our lives results from the sense that access to a personal resource, capacity or competency lies just beyond our reach.  We combine our business strategy and operating experience with our organizational development and human development expertise to move you from your particular stuckness to a place of greater freedom.

From that place, new ways will emerge that will have you and your company fulfill on outcomes that are important to you.

Our Promise

We promise to guide you and your team with comprehensive understanding and authentic care, to see yourself and the world from an increasingly integrated perspective, recognize when development is needed, identify what needs development, and embody the necessary muscles to bring it about. 

We support you in accomplishing what you think is impossible.

About ParadoxEdge

Paradox Edge Guiding Principles