People aren’t problems that have to be fixed

Every unique individual, team and organization is on a developmental journey; each is, and is capable of, significantly more than they can currently imagine.

What works best integrates what’s “in here” with what’s “out there”

Our discovery process enables clients to see, clarify and understand their unique internal challenges and external circumstances.

Which do you tend to privilege…and which are you prone to neglect?

Neither concrete, objective action and systems nor an authentic, developmental people orientation alone will work. You need both.

Honor everyone’s unique gifts

Gaining clarity into our own and others’ perspectives and talents substantially increases our ability to cultivate high-trust relationships and teamwork.

Sustainable development is an ongoing process of engaging and letting go

Embodying new ways of seeing, behaving and assessing supports greater leveraging of strengths and letting go of what no longer serves.

Guiding Principles

Paradox Edge Guiding Principles