We begin by shining the spotlight of awareness, unblinkingly and supportively, on what is real right now, which is often very different from what we think, or would like to believe, is true or real.  We bring awareness to an individual's way of being, a team's way of relating to each other and other teams, or an organization's way of operating in the world.  Most of us are familiar and comfortable with shining this light on operations, systems and colleagues; what's less familiar and comfortable occurs when we shine the light on ourselves – how each of us looks, listens, sees and hears – the lenses through which we filter and interpret our experience.  This is the place from which authentic development can occur. 

Align on Outcomes and Developmental Objectives

We offer a developmental approach that recognizes, relies on and leverages the connectedness between individual awareness and behavior, organizational strategy and operations, actual (as opposed to desired or mythical) cultural norms, and relevant environment, infrastructure and systems within and outside the organization.   Working with individuals and teams, we explore and leverage your unique situation and offer challenging, attainable objectives that both lead to and result from the new ways of seeing, behaving and assessing that are necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.

Let's Get to Work

Our work together does not follow the typical "predict and control" model; rather, as we move along a trajectory toward agreed upon outcomes, we are adaptive to what arises – doing more of what works and letting go of what no longer serves. As we support you in your new ways of seeing, behaving and assessing, our own process is open. We practice as you do – adjusting mindset, trying on new behaviors, and assessing how we assess.

And Celebrate!

The completion of our work together is twofold: you fulfill your desired outcome, and you develop and embody competencies and capacities that serve you moving forward.


Paradox Edge Guiding Principles