More Views

Imagine you looking at you and, more strategically, imagine looking at how you currently look.  ParadoxEdge helps you more clearly see how you're looking. You might change the physical vantage point from which you're looking, change the state of mind you're in while you look (are you curious, angry, happy, desperate, frustrated…?), ask someone else for their view and really listen, and develop a capacity that opens a perspective you've not previously held.  And from that new view, possibilities come to light that you may not have previously seen as clearly, if at all.

New Ways

Exploring new possibilities requires different behavior and committed practice on your part – using muscles that you didn't know you had.  It's time to get "messy," try something you haven't done lately – or have never tried, trial and error, throwing what you have against the wall to see what sticks, discovering "dumb" luck or serendipity, asking others what they do and how they do it, or acting as if something that you believe is not true is true.  As we intentionally engage in our work with you, you will practice these new ways until they become new competencies or capacities that you can access when they are needed.

Inspired Outcomes

The results?  Imagine outcomes that, before they emerge, seemed impossible.  And imagine some of these coming about because of what you do – and some because of what you don't do. In all cases, what you choose to do will be an expression of who you are in the world.


Paradox Edge Guiding Principles