Our clients are successful professionals who are typically managing a large number of competing requests and demands. Most have a strong, solid base of experience in their industry and are just as comfortable in the details as they are in setting strategy. They enjoy competition, set high standards and inspire others by their own hard work and determination. With an achievement and results orientation they focus on desired outcomes and usually use wealth as an indicator of their performance. During times of stress or uncertainty, many leap into action to get things under control and view vulnerability as a sign of weakness.

Outwardly, they have followed the path of the “hero leader"; inwardly there is a sense that something is missing, a palpable sense of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment. They speak of this as needing more balance as they struggle with how to do more at both home and work. Their once tightly held assumption that “it’s all up to me” begins to loosen.

And in this moment – in a place of expanded possibilities – our work begins.

Clients We Have Worked With:

petco Sapient
Kitchen Collection global med
Vantage Mobility global med
Vantage Mobility PGA Minnesota