Our People

Steve Benson


Steve is a Senior Executive with 25+ years successfully leading both publicly traded and privately held entities. His unique skill set combines financially grounded, pragmatic business operating experience with a deep academic foundation in and a mastery of applying human and organizational development methodologies.

Steve supports clients and colleagues in a way that first allows them to see a greater range of possibilities, and then develops the skills and competencies that produce meaningful results for them and their organizations.

His senior management positions with both public and private companies include S.V.P. of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and President.

Steve currently connects coaching, consulting, and strategic planning experiences in support of organizational and individual development. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Integral Coach.™

Kent Frazier


Kent specializes in supporting leaders who are committed to personal growth and development by blending the most whole, complete, and inclusive coaching methodology with 20 years of practical business experience developing people and organizations. With extensive experience in Organizational Effectiveness, Talent Management, and Leadership Development, he is able to support others in bringing about the necessary changes in order to move beyond their current level of effectiveness and achieve their most important outcomes.

Kent’s current area of focus is on Innovation – specifically, how “something comes from nothing” – be it a new business, product, strategy, perspective, competency, or work of art.

With Kent, you’ll explore and honor where you are and what brought you here, while at the same time begin to let go of what no longer serves you. Together, you’ll co-create the mindset, relationships, actions, and environment you need to create that unique something that does not yet exist in order to propel yourself forward and realize your full potential. Kent will play with you in the fertile space that exists between your “what’s now and what’s next” as he takes a stand for the future that you deeply wish to create.

Reggie Marra


Reggie’s 37+ years as an educator includes experience as a teacher, basketball coach, speaker, trainer and an administrator in secondary and higher education. Reggie brings his transformational workshops and trainings to life using a unique combination of language and metaphor; as a result, participants quickly gain access to his teachings and learn to seamlessly apply these learnings in their lives.

Reggie moves effortlessly between the goofiness and gravitas of our increasingly complex world. He holds others with deep compassion and caring; most have an experience of being “fully seen”. Yet, simultaneously, he embodies a “fierce wisdom” resulting in swift, purposeful action.

Reggie’s work with clients focuses on honoring and expanding their sense of identity - who they think they are how they see the world - and then helping them build the muscles they need to live and work within this expansion.

Reggie is a Certified Integral Coach,™ a speaker at a variety of corporate venues and the author of two nonfiction books and two volumes of poetry.

Ece Anderson

Executive Coach

Ece has a unique blend of international corporate, sustainability and human development experience.  She has a broad base of business experience in sales, financial analysis and consulting developed during her tenure with multinationals like Marriott International, Deutsche Bank and DTZ Commercial Real Estate Advisory.  Ece has a unique gift in seeing from a systems perspective and helping others see the complexity and elegance within these systems.   
Ece believes sustainable change is made possible by taking the first step in courageously asking the right questons.  With a gentle fierceness, she works with others in a way that supports seeing with greater clarity, awareness, flow and creativity.  As a result, her clients experience greater freedom, ease in expression and resiliency with the new skills and knowledge they need to become the change they want to see in the world. 
Ece was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey.  She holds a BA in Business Administration from Babson College and a MA in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.  She is trained in contemplative psychology, Gestalt Coaching and holds a certificate in Integral Transformative Leadership.  Ece is a dedicated yoga practitioner and lives with her husband, Zach, in Seattle, WA. 



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